A list of homilies delivered by Bishop Paul Swain.

TV Mass Homily 11/17/2019

As we await the appointment of the ninth bishop of Sioux Falls, we have undertaken an upgrade of infrastructure of the Bishops House built in 1878. As a result, I have become a commuter which means I am spending more time driving. As I do so one thought has come to me: how much we […]

TV Mass Homily 11/03/2019

Those of us who are short, or as it is said these days, vertically challenged, can relate to Zacchaeus. Sometimes our vision is blocked and we can’t see. I spent many years in the pew, often hidden behind others. Now as a bishop I have a better vantage point. (That is not always an advantage.) […]

TV Mass Homily 10/27/2019

Our readings today offer us a caution and a promise. The caution is about the sin of pride; which is an equal opportunity threat, nourished by the devil. The sin of pride is most often reflected in how we relate to one another. The promise is about God’s mercy for those who come to him […]

TV Mass Homily 10/20/2019

Last week our readings encouraged us to always be grateful for God’s love and continuing presence especially in times of challenge. This week we are encouraged to pray without ceasing and also with persistence. Gratitude and persistent prayer are faith sustaining. First though we need to reflect on what we pray for. Prayers of petition […]

TV Mass Homily 10/13/2019

There is a legend about two angels who were sent from heaven each with a basket. They went from place to place, to homes, churches, businesses, schools, anywhere people were active. Then they returned to heaven with their baskets. One was heavy with its bounty and the other was light. “What do you have in […]

TV Mass Homily 10/6/2019

‘How long, O Lord. I cry for help but you do not listen. I cry out to you. Violence, but you do not intervene.’ Those words from the prophet Habakkuk resonate with us as we look at the chaotic world in which we must live. They are pleading words offered in anxiety even in fear […]

TV Mass Homily 9/29/2019

Do you ever feel compassion fatigue? With all the destructive happenings in the world as a result of natural causes, political infighting and human sinfulness we can get worn down by it all. Compassion fatigue is an inoculation against weariness from the enormity of the pain and suffering around us. Our readings suggest we ought […]

TV Mass Homily 9/8/2019

“If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple,” Jesus declares in the Gospel. Those are startling words. Yet, we know that Jesus loved his own family and friends, even sinners, that he healed and helped those […]

TV Mass Homily 9/1/2019

In the Gospel just proclaimed, Jesus was at a dinner and the people were “observing him carefully.” The fact is that he was also observing them carefully with the intent to teach them. Jesus was not teaching good manners or how to get ahead. He teaches good discipleship and how to get to heaven. Our […]

TV Mass Homily 8/25/2019

“Will only a few people be saved,” Jesus was asked. Some scripture scholars tell us that the questioner was likely expecting Jesus to affirm the belief that Gentiles, foreigners could not be saved. So he must have been taken aback with the response. ‘The gate is narrow,’ Jesus basically answered, ‘but open to all’ but […]