A list of homilies delivered by Bishop Paul Swain.

2017 White Mass Homily

Thank you for being with us today as we celebrate this “White Mass’ where we recognize, honor and pray for all those in the healing ministry of health care, Catholic and not. It is named the White Mass because of the tradition of wearing white garments, although that is less common these days. We priests […]

TV Mass Homily 10/15/2017

Jesus makes clear the stark truth in this parable: many are invited, few are chosen. God invites, we choose whether to accept the invitation. In this parable of the king’s wedding feast, some refused the invitation, some ignored it, some reacted with hostility, some came unprepared, and some were ready. So it is with the […]

TV Mass Homily 10/08/2017

St. Paul urges us to “have no anxiety at all.” That’s a bit hard with all that is going on in our world – destructive weather, violence and shootings, terror and civil discord. Our hearts go out to all those hurting and all who worry about them. We pray in a special for those affected […]

TV Mass homily 10/01/2017

“The Lord’s way is not fair,” so the prophet Ezekiel in our first reading describes the view of the people of his day. When we have no satisfactory answer to natural or physical happenings we too may wonder about God’s way. But this reading is not about the weather or physical health. It is about […]

2017 Blue Mass Homily

Today we gather in what has traditionally been called the Blue Mass to honor and pray in thanksgiving for all those, Catholic or not, who protect us and serve us in law enforcement and public safety professions, paid and volunteer, and their support staffs. They include first responders in emergencies and those who day-in and day-out, […]

TV Mass Homily 09/24/2017

Once again we offer our prayers and support for all those innocently caught in the harshness of natural calamities especially from hurricanes and earthquakes, violence and injustice. While the news reports on large numbers of persons affected, the truth is that the impact is one by one, one person and one family whose lives are […]

TV Mass Homily 09/10/2017

We pray today while our brothers and sisters are dealing with a series of natural calamities including Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. While there is too much water in some places, drought is devastating in North Dakota and parts of our own state. Forest fires of great magnitude are blazing out west, the smoke from […]

TV Mass Homily 09/03/2017

President Trump has declared this Sunday a day of prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and for the national response and recovery efforts. I have authorized a special collection at the discretion of pastors which funds will go to Catholic Charities USA and to dioceses affected. Often church institutions are not eligible for government […]

TV Mass Homily 08/27/2017

Our prayers go out to all those in harm’s way in Texas and Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Harvey whose devastating winds and drenching rains endanger and destroy. Our hearts are heavy at the sight and the plight of so many. May they receive the help and support they need. In the Opening Prayer […]

TV Mass Homily 8/20/2017

This has been another week filled with sadness, violence, and disrespect for life around the world and in our own country. We pray for all those adversely affected in any way and for reconciliation and peace. We look to our Lord Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life to guide us. […]