A list of homilies delivered by Bishop Paul Swain.

TV Mass Homily 9/8/2019

“If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple,” Jesus declares in the Gospel. Those are startling words. Yet, we know that Jesus loved his own family and friends, even sinners, that he healed and helped those […]

TV Mass Homily 9/1/2019

In the Gospel just proclaimed, Jesus was at a dinner and the people were “observing him carefully.” The fact is that he was also observing them carefully with the intent to teach them. Jesus was not teaching good manners or how to get ahead. He teaches good discipleship and how to get to heaven. Our […]

TV Mass Homily 8/25/2019

“Will only a few people be saved,” Jesus was asked. Some scripture scholars tell us that the questioner was likely expecting Jesus to affirm the belief that Gentiles, foreigners could not be saved. So he must have been taken aback with the response. ‘The gate is narrow,’ Jesus basically answered, ‘but open to all’ but […]

TV Mass Homily 8/18/2019

“Do you think I have come to establish peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.” Those are startling words from the man we call the Prince of Peace. We can almost see some who heard those words turn toward one another with puzzled looks on their faces. Did he say he came […]

TV Mass Homily 8/11/2019

Our readings today encourage us to evaluate the depth of our faith. Is it secure enough to assure that we are prepared for the Day of the Lord? One of the beautiful benefits of the gift of faith is that it allows us to look to the future with hope. In the 2nd reading, from […]

TV Mass Homily 8/4/2019

“For though one be rich, one’s life does not consist of possessions.” Yet the acquiring of possessions is an important influence in our country’s economy. I like to think that I am not lured into the mindset of the accumulation of things. Yet I have on occasion purchased items over the internet. Ever since I […]

TV Mass Homily 7/28/2019

It was Saint Augustine I think who said, “Man is a beggar before God.” Our readings encourage us that when we beg for what are right and just, our loving Father answers. In our first reading Abraham begs God to not destroy Sodom a city consumed by sin because in the midst of it all […]

TV Mass Homily 7/21/2019

Can you imagine welcoming Jesus into your home? Actually we ought to do so each day though not as described in the Gospel reading. Having guests in our homes though can be nerve wracking. When I was a pastor and the bishop was coming, we would all be stirred up.  Now I stir others up. […]

TV Mass Homily 7/14/2019

If you were driving along one of our beautiful country highways, maneuvering the twist and turns, the rises and the valleys, and you saw a car stopped along the side of the road with its hood up or lights flashing, would you stop? If you saw a man slumped along the side of the road, […]

TV Mass Homily 7/7/2019

Travel light, Jesus instructed his disciples as he sent them out into the world to evangelize, to share the Good News of Jesus as Lord and Savior person to person and thus challenge the prevailing culture. That is the job description for us all as new evangelizers as hard even intimidating as it is. “Carry […]