Words of Wisdom


The Words of Wisdom Retreat is a teaching retreat or a discussion retreat. You will learn from a master by reading his or her book in advance and then coming together with people from around the diocese for a day-long retreat to unpack the book. Dr. Chris Burgwald will do some teaching and lead a time of discussion answering the questions “What does this book mean?” and “Why does it matter?” as well as any questions that you may have as a group. There will also be an opportunity to pray individually about the things that struck you during your reading and the discussion. Our desire is that you will recognize how the book can transform your own life and how to share what you have learned with others so that you and those around you may grow closer to Jesus Christ.

The particular book that we are studying for the first retreat is The Journey by Peter Kreeft.  He is a philosopher at Boston College who’s written dozens of books that are easy to read and usually important, again that idea of a master. The Journey is written in an easy-to-read narrative format like a story or a parable. In it, Kreeft addresses some of the questions that our culture is currently asking today. Is there meaning in life? Should we ask questions about life? Does truth exist?  Can we find it? Kreeft answers these questions and more and goes on to relate them to the Bible, to Jesus, and to God’s people. For this retreat we will be meeting at Broom Tree Retreat Center near Irene SD. Lunch will be provided.