Words of Wisdom

The Words of Wisdom Retreat is an opportunity to learn from a master by reading his or her book and coming together with people from around the diocese for a day-long retreat to unpack the book. What sets this apart as a retreat is the emphasis on wisdom, not just knowledge or understanding. Wisdom is taking knowledge and understanding and applying them to your life. At this retreat Dr. Chris Burgwald will do some teaching and lead a time of discussion answering the questions “What does this book mean?” and “Why does it matter?” There will also be an opportunity to spend time in prayer with our Lord, talking to Him about the things that struck you during your reading and the discussion. Our desire is that you will recognize how the things that stirred your heart can transform your own life bringing you closer to Jesus Christ.

The particular book that we are studying for this retreat is Bible Basics for Catholics by Dr. John Bergsma. He is a professor of scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville, a brilliant man with great depth who is able to write about aspects of our faith in a way that is relatable for the average Catholic. As Catholics, we are encouraged to read the Bible, but sometimes it can be confusing with small details and cultural references that are lost on 21st century Americans. In this relatively short book, Bible Basics for Catholics, Dr. Bergsma boils down the Bible to the essence of the story of scripture. For this retreat, we will be meeting at Broom Tree Retreat Center near Irene SD. Lunch will be provided.