Tips and Tricks for processing CN Family Suite by ParishSOFT.  Tips and Tricks were created by Carla Haiar, Contact Information: 605-988-3751;


9/13/2013 HELP!
9/13/2013 Baptismal Certificates
9/17/2013 Daily Postings
9/24/2013 Excel Tips and Tricks
9/27/2013 Sacramental Lookup
10/7/2013 Register a Family
10/14/2013 Marriage Sacrament
10/18/2013 Envelope List and Labels
11/19/2013 End of Year Statements
12/19/2013 CFSA 2014
1/13/2014 CN Family Suite Transition Data
1/30/2014 Mail Merge
2/3/2014 Gift in Kind


In October of 2012, the Diocese of Sioux Falls offered Adminstrator Finance Meeting.  Carla Haiar's presentation on Cloud Computing and ParishSOFT FAQ's can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Administrator Finance Meeting October of 2012 - ParishSOFT and Cloud Security