Safe Environment Training Programs

All who minister on behalf of or in the name of the Church carry a moral responsibility to protect all children entrusted to Her ministries. This responsibility is borne of the innate dignity found in all persons, as we are each made in the image and likeness of God, and a fulfillment of our promise to protect all children by maintaining healthy, safe environments in our local parishes, schools and other locations where the Church’s ministries are offered.

Training for Adults

Online Training, Questionnaire, and Background Checks

All adults in regular contact with children must complete the following safe environment requirements through CMG Connect. It will take approximately one hour to complete these requirements.

  1. Watch awareness training video (complete every year)
  2. Sign the Misconduct Policy Questionnaire after reading the Sexual Misconduct Policy of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls (complete only once)
  3. Complete the authorization form to initiate a background check (must be completed every six years)

Adult Training FAQs (coming soon!)

Training for Children & Youth 

Children and youth attending class at a Catholic School or Parish's Religious Education program receive training on how to keep themselves safe. Training programs include:

Circle of Grace (PK-12)

Developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha, Circle of Grace aims to empower children and young people by arming them with the essential knowledge and skills grounded in teh richness of the Catholic faith. The course helps them to identify uncomfortable situations and how to seek help from a trusted adult. This program helps children and young people to understand dignity in mind, body, and spirit. 

Called to Protect: Young Children (K-5) 

Developed by Praesdium, Inc., Calledto Protect Young Children is a video program combined with facilitated discussion. Children will learn about protecting their bodies and what to do if someone tries to break the rules. Each grade has 2-3 lessons that can be presented with 30 minutes. 

Called to Protect: Youth (6-12)

Developed by Praesidium, Inc., Called to Protect Youth is a video program combined with facilitated discussion. Middle and high school students will learn how to protect their physical, emotional, and behavioral boundaries from being violated and how to tell their parents or another trusted adult if someone is abusing them or one of their friends. This program consists of three 30-minute DVD presentations; activities and discussion will extend total program time.  


Children & Youth Training FAQs (coming soon!)