What Is It?

     The goal of Life Chain Link is to have a peaceful and prayerful presence every day of the year at Planned Parenthood on west 41st street in Sioux Falls, which is the only facility in our state that provides abortions on demand. As the name suggests, the daily presence at the clinic links the Life Chain events from year to year.

How Does It Work?

     If you would like to take part in Life Chain Link, call the Office of Marriage, Family & Respect Life of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls at 605-988-3755 to schedule a day and time to pray at Planned Parenthood, or sign up online at www.my.calendars.net/lifechainlink.  Individuals or groups can fill a time slot. You can also join Bishop Paul Swain in prayer each month. His committed day and time is listed in the monthly diocesan newspaper, The Bishop’s Bulletin, is available on the main online diocesan calendar (found on the homepage), and is listed below.
     Your prayer time can last a half hour or half a day, however long you wish. Upon reserving your date, we will send you helpful information that will remind you of your commitment, including a prayer sheet and guidelines to follow during your prayer time.
     If you are unable to travel to Sioux Falls to pray at Planned Parenthood, you can still participate in Life Chain Link by committing to and scheduling a day and time in which you will pray for the end to abortion in your own home, with others at church, before the Blessed Sacrament, or in some other setting. While we highly encourage prayer at the physical location of Planned Parenthood, we realize that traveling distance may pose a limitation for many. Please join us in prayer whenever and wherever you can. We will send you the same information packet that we do those scheduled to pray at Planned Parenthood.

Why Life Chain Link?

     Blessed Teresa of Calcutta once said that without prayer she could not work for even half an hour. Prayer is the foundation of the pro-life movement. We must call upon God’s blessings at the very location where innocent children are put to death, where women and families are harmed, and where unhealthy “family planning” and “sex education” are promoted. We must pray for all the babies brought to Planned Parenthood, their mothers and fathers, the employees and volunteers of the facility, and all who help it to operate. And we must call upon God’s blessings not just during special gatherings or occasions, but every day of the year.
     Our prayerful presence is also a powerful witness to those considering having an abortion, the employees, and those bystanders who are not aware of the tragedy that takes place at Planned Parenthood. Even if you are praying in your own church, the knowledge that your prayers are being said can lead someone to choose life, to rethink a pro-abortion position, or cause them to look deeper into the teachings of the Church on life issues.

Bishop Paul Swain's Prayer Dates at Planned Parenthood


  • September 6, 2016
  • October 11, 2016
  • November 8, 2016
  • December 6, 2016


Life Chain Link Resources

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