About the Directors

          As Co-Directors of the Office of Marriage, Family & Respect Life, we wear several hats. First, as you might have guessed, we are husband and wife. We met in 1996 at the University of Nebraska College of Law. A lifetime friendship quickly developed and ultimately led to love and marriage. Second, we have been blessed as parents with three beautiful daughters and two sons.
          We came to work for the Diocese in June 2001, after desiring to use our time and talent to serve the Lord in a more direct way. We feel privileged to be given the opportunity to together direct the Office of Marriage, Family & Respect Life. We also both serve as attorneys and state lobbyists during the South Dakota legislative session, and represent the diocese as an affiliate member of the National Association of State Catholic Conference Directors
Available to Speak
          We are available to give talks, workshops, forums, discussions, or presentations on a variety of issues, such as chastity, marriage, contraception, Natural Family Planning, Theology of the Body, abortion, stem cell research and cloning, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, end of life decisions, the death penalty, political responsibility, and much more. We are open to sharing with groups of any size, are flexible with the speaking format and topics, and work with each group to determine specific needs. Please CONTACT US for more information or to schedule a date and be sure to check out the UPCOMING EVENTS for events already occuring across the diocese.