Pope Benedict XVI on Sacred Music





Church and Papal Documents related to Sacred Music

1975 - present


Sing to the Lord - USCCB Guideline (non-binding) - November 14, 2007


Pope Benedict XVI's Visit to the Pont. Institute of Sacred Music Rome - October 13, 2007


Summorum Pontificum (motu proprio) Pope Benedict XVI - July 7, 2007


Chirograph on Sacred Music 100th anniversary of Pope St. Pius X's Tra le Sollecitudini - 2003


Roman Missal, 3rd Editio Typica - Latin, Approved by Pope John Paul II - 2000


Letter to Artists - 1999





1903 - 1975

Roman Missal, 2nd Editio Typica (Current Edition, save 1985 minor alterations) - March 1975


Letter to the Bishops on the Minimum Repertoire of Plainchant Cong. for Divine Worship- April 1974


Liturgicae instaurationes (Instr. III on Constitution on Liturgy) Cong. for Divine Worship- Sept 1970


Roman Missal, 1st Editio Typica, General Instruction for the Roman Missal - PPVI- March 1970


Tres abhinc annos(Instruction II on Constitution on Liturgy) Sacred Cong. for Rites - May 1967


Musicam Sacram (Instruction on Music) Cong. for Rites- March 1967


Inter oecumenici(Instruction I on Constitution on Liturgy) Sacred Cong. for Rites- September 1964


Sacram Liturgiam (Motu Proprio) Pope Paul VI- January 1964


Sacrosanctum Concilium Second Vatican Council (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy)- 1963


Pope John XXIII announces Second Vatican Council - January 25, 1959


De musica sacra et sacra liturgia Cong. for Rites - Feast of Saint Pius X - 1955


Musicae Sacrae Disciplina (Encyclical) Pope Pius XII - 1955


Mediator Dei (Encyclical) Pope Pius XII -1947


Mystici Corporis (Encyclical) Pope Pius XII- 1943


Divini Cultus (Apostolic Constitution) Pope Pius XI- 1928


Tra le Sollecitudini (motu proprio) Pope Saint Pius X -1903