Human Resources

Purpose of Office

The Human Resource office of the Diocese of Sioux Falls is responsible for information regarding personnel. Insurance, retirement, payroll, and employee benefits are all directed by the Human Resource office.  


Twila Roman


Contact Information

Twila Roman

523 N Duluth Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57104-2714


Insurance Benefits


  2014 Benefit Election Form


2014 Traditional Benefit Summary

2014 HDHP Benefit Summary

New Employee Notices


 Health Ins Enrollment Form 


Health Ins Termination of Coverage Form


 Dental Ins Summary of Benefits 

 Dental Ins Enrollment Form 


 Life Ins Summary of Benefits 

 Life Ins Enrollment Form 


 Long Term Disability Summary of Benefits 

 Long Term Disability Enrollment Form


Life or Long Term Disability Evidence of Insurability Form