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Sales Use Tax/Use Tax Site

arishsoft Website

USCCB Tax Exemption


Employer Tax Forms from IRS

Sale Use Tax

W-9 Form

"End of the Calendar Year" Workshop - January 9, 2014

Downloadable files to use with these videos

Power Point files
- Who's Where presentation -use with "End of Calendar Year" video below
 -EOCY for Accounting  - use with "End of Calendar Year" video below

 - Advanced Reporting - use with "Advanced Reporting" video below

Xcel Files
 - 2015 Benefit Amounts Breakdown
 - Example of W2 Review with 941 Spreadsheet
 Calculation worksheet for mileage on W2

Word Files
 - Verify W2's and 941's
 - Steps to Creating the W2's
 - Codes for Box 12

Who's Where - Twila Roman

Advanced Reporting - Denise Hanson

End of Calendar Year -2014 - Denise Hanson


Annual Report Forms

Click on this link to be directed to the first page of the Annual Report if you are not a manual accounting system Diocesan Forms

Annual Report Form - Census Electronic

 Annual Report Letter to Bishop
  Annual Report Minutes Letter

Annual Report Internal Control Check List


 Annual Report forms for manual accounting systems

Record Retention Forms 

 Retention Document 

Deposit and Loan Forms and Foundation

Withdrawal Form

Authorized Signers Form


Fdn Withdrawal Request


Exel Documents

 Priest Mileage Workbook

 50-50 split for deduction/benefit 2015