Deacons of the Diocese of Sioux Falls

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Deacon James Bregel

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Deacon Thane and Joanne Barnier
Deacon Maurice and Michelle Barrett
Deacon James (Tim) and Ronda Barry
Deacon and Mrs Nick Baus
Deacon James Boorman
Deacon James Bregel
Deacon Leon and Judy Cantin
Deacon Mike and Sheila Conrads
Deacon Chet and Colleen Cordell
Deacon Robert and Nancy Cross
Deacon Jack and Marsha Dahlseid
Deacon Dennis Davis
Deacon Thomas and Denise DeRienzo
Deacon Pat and Jane Derrington
Deacon John and Mary Devlin
Deacon Timothy and Julie Dickes
Bill and Anne Frankman
Deacon Joseph and Cheryl Graves
Deacon Jim and Mrs Joyce Hayes
Deacon Roger and Diane Heidt
Deacon Arvid H and Jennie Holsing
Deacon Mike and Donna Huntington
Deacon Alfred Jetty
Deacon Ron and Deb Kachena
Deacon William and Kim Kappler
Deacon Richard Kelley
Deacon Henry and Christine Knapp
Deacon Steven and Marlene McLaughlin
Deacon Peter and Paddy Mehlhaff
Deacon Harold and Mary Pardew
Deacon Roger and Karla Puthoff
Deacon William and Debby Radio
Deacon Gordon and Alma Richard
Deacon Glenn and Colene Ridder
Deacon Dennis and Pat Seiner
Deacon Stillman and Marlene Slason
Deacon Joseph and Kathy Tegethoff
Deacon Timothy and Kathleen Tracy
Deacon and Mrs Joseph Twidwell
Deacon Barry and Doris Wagner
Deacon Donald and Ruth Wagner
Deacon James and Donna Walden
Deacon Mike and Mary Wambach
Deacon Jerry and Dorothy Wathen