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The five priorities of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls:


Faith Formation


   -Newman Center Ministries located at four university campuses.


   -Discipleship Camp, Jr. and Sr. Youth Rallies, Parish-based Totus Tuus camps,


   -Support for parish youth programs


   -Bishop Martin Marty Institute for the New Evangelization – a new initiative to give adults the

          chance to learn about Church teaching on timely issues. Institute events are

          offered in a variety of formats, ranging from the “Unplugged: Mini-Retreats” which are

          two-hour  stand-alone events, to the Extended Studies, which are six-week

          series devoted to one topic.


   -Faith for Life ~ a program which brings speakers into the Diocese for day-long seminars.


   -Prairie Rome Companion ~ a weekly 30 minute podcast with Fr. Andrew Dickinson on

           Catholic topics.


   -Office of Catholic Schools: supporting the 23 Catholic schools that carry out this important

           apostolate on behalf of 27 parishes in 15 different communities in the diocese.


   -Offers resources for handing on the faith in the home and in the parish which include:


§ Evaluations and recommendations for systematic religious education curricula

§ Sacrament preparation recommendations and resources

§ Faith enrichment activities for the home




   -Seminarian education and formation


   -A range of ministries that support all vocations


   -Diaconate training and formation


   -Encouragement of and support of vocations of single life and consecrated life.


Family Life


   -“All in God’s Plan” a program to partner with families in the ongoing formation of

          their children in respect for life, virtue of chastity, and the dignity of being made

          in the image of God Training and formation of marriage preparation and

          enrichment sponsor couples


   -Retrouvaille peer ministry


   -Continue to seek ways to support families raising their children


   -Increasing awareness for ways to encourage respect for the dignity of all life


   -“Circle of Grace” and “Safe and Sacred” programs grow awareness in children and

          adults of our God-given dignity as His creation and are being used in all

          Catholic schools and parishes.


Worship (and a vibrant parish life)


   -Pastoral Planning: making assurances that all of the faithful in the diocese have

          regular access to the sacraments, especially the most Holy Eucharist, including

          the infirm and imprisoned through the chaplaincy programs that are located

          throughout the diocese


   -Weekly broadcast TV Mass


   -Workshops intended to prepare priests, liturgical ministers and all of the faithful

          in the diocese.


   -Continuing education opportunities for the clergy of our diocese


   -Technology support for all parishes in the diocese


   -Administrative services for finances, human resources, benefits, and safe environment


Social Outreach and Communications


   -Grief and other counseling services through Catholic Family Services


   -Adoption and pregnancy counseling through Catholic Family Services


   -Weekly Catholic Views radio program


   -Weekly broadcast TV Mass


   -The Bishop’s Bulletin delivered to every household each month


   -On-going communication through the diocesan website at


   -Support of feeding and shelter ministries in multiple communities in our diocese.


   -Assistance and support to military families


   -St. Joseph Catholic housing around the diocese


   -Support for Chaplains at hospitals and correctional and human service facilities

          around the diocese


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